Best stay-at-home Mom jobs

11 Best Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs In 2023 (With Good Pay)

If you are a stay at home that struggles to find a career and take care of your little ones; do not worry, I have  been in your shoes. Being a stay-at-home Mom is fun, getting to spend all your time with your little ones is a blessing. But as Mothers we strive for more outside of just being a Mom. We want to reach goals of making a living and taking care of our family. 

Finding a job as a stay-at-home Mom can be challenging, but do not worry I have listed all the best stay-at-home Mom jobs in 2023 that pay you good.

1. Customer Service Representative

There are many Customer Service Representative jobs you can do right from your home. Workers in this role take on phone calls, reach out to customers, answer customer inquiries, help with services. If you are good at customer service and love helping people this is a good job for you.  


2. Blogger

Do you love writing or have a passion you like to share with others? Blogging has become one of the most successful careers for stay-at-home Moms. Although it comes with a lot of challenges and research that needs to be taken into consideration, it is one of the best jobs you can make income from. As long as you are talking about what you love doing, you can turn your blog into a six figure salary. Here are some books that will help you on your blogging journey.

SALARY: $34K-$100K/ YEAR

3. Data Entry

Data entry jobs require little to no experience. If you have Qwerty skills and enjoy typing, then you’ll love Data Entry. They are easy with a good pay. 


4. In-Home Day Care

Do you just enjoy kids in general? and have patience to take care of a few more kids throughout the day? If you do then you should really look into making your home a (In-Home Day Care) kid friendly place. There are many books on how to start a (In-Home Day Care) that will guide you on the steps to take. I have listed some books for you to invest in. 


5. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper are on the jobs you can really do from anywhere. You do not physically have to go into an office, you can do it 100% remote. You can work as a freelancer for smaller companies that are looking for a bookkeeper. There are many companies that do not require prior experience. 

SALARY: $36-$55k/YEAR

6. Freelance Content Creator

If you enjoy writing and do not want to have your own blog, then why not make some income one being a Freelance Content Creator. There are plenty successful bloggers looking for content creators who can write articles and help with social media. 


7. Transcribe

If you have patience to sit for a long period of time and listen to recording or audio and type what you hear then you will love transcribing. If you are struggling in getting started, below is a course that will guide you. 



8. Tutor

Do you enjoy teaching and there is a subject you have knowledge in? A Tutor is a good opportunity to kick start your career. Online tutoring is advancing and many parents prefer their kids to do virtual tutoring. 


9. Drop Shipping

Have you heard of Drop Shipping? Drop shipping is where you sell third party products from a drop shipping company. The advantage in drop shipping is you never have to physically receive those products; they are directly shipped to the customer when bought through your online store. Although drop shipping can be time consuming, it is a perfect way to bring in lots of income and grow your online business. The amount you make a month depends on how much time and effort you put into it. Here are a few books that can guide you through the business,


10. Sell On Etsy

If you are creative and love making templates, then you should create printable and sell on Etsy. You can easily create templates using Canva.

SALARY: $100-$2000/ PER MONTH

11. Proofreading

You can make money proofreading. If your eyes are great at catching words that are misspelled or have punctuation errors, than yo wil enjy proofreding :-). You can proofread different content, ranging from articles, blog posts, essays, books. 


This post is all about 11 best stay-at-home Mom jobs in 2023.

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