10 Tips for Organizing Your Kids' Toys

Do you want to know the 10 tips for organizing your kids' toys? One of the biggest challenges for parents is dealing with your kids toys.

Towards the end of the day you may find yourself cleaning up all the toys the kids refused to clean off the floor. As a parent, I know that after a long day you are exhausted and have no energy to clean up the mess. You clean up just to find yourself doing the same thing the next day, and the next, and so on. You tell yourself there has to be a better way for these toys: well thankfully there are better in organizing your kids toys 

One of the most easiest way to stop doing all the clean up at night is to organize your kids toys. It is a fact that when kids see their toys organized, they want to clean up after themselves. We all love getting our little ones toys to play with especially educational toysthese toy storage ideas and organization tips will make your kids want to clean up. 

Organizing Your Kids' Toys



how to organise toys in living room

Keeping toys that the kids do not use only clutters playroom space. If your kids are at a stage where they understand, talk to them about donating and giving to others who are in need. Most kids love to give their unused toys to those in need. Even if your kids do not fully understand, have them help you. Bring out an empty box write on it “donation” and just start putting all unused toys in the box. Kids love when they sit with an adult and sort out their toys. Not only do kids benefit from learning to give away their toys but also help organize your kids toys.


Keep Toys In Order

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Kids love to go around the house and grab a toy and dump it anywhere in the house. It could literally be in the bedrooms, living room, dinning room, underneath tables, closets, and even bathrooms. When they see so many toys around them, they are overwhelmed. Once they find a place that is structured and organized, they will want to clean up.  The kids feel a sense of honor in cleaning when they know there is a place where all toys need to be stored. 


Throw Away The Boxes The Toys Come In

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Once up a time, I use to love keeping my kids toys in their original packaging, especially if the toys consisted of many small parts. I hated when I would see small toy parts scattered all over the floor, the only way I felt that these little things would not get lost, or underneath the couch is if I kept them in their original box. Well that does work for a while but then you start to notice that the boxes are starting to build up and taking most of your space. It is better to get rid of toy boxes and start placing them in plastic bags or even bins. 


Invest In Tilted Bins

Tilted Bins are seriously the best investment you can make when organizing your kids toys. The tilted bins help your kids with structuring out their toys and makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for. You can even label each bin to help you know where each toy should go. The best thing about the tilted bins is the kids do not need to pull out the bin to clean their toys, they can easily place the toys inside the bin. 



Group The Most Played With Toys Together

Many kids love grouping all their toys together. Place all the small people figures in one bin ,  small balls in another, colored crayons, etc. For example, my son has so many mini cars; he loves placing all his mini cars in one place where he can find them. This helps with keeping things organized and help kids with the ability to think and learn things by themselves. 



Add Some Decor To Your Living Room

If you have a small home or live in a small apartment, space is limited. Another way to organize your kids toys is placing them in an Ottoman storage bench. Ottoman storages are used as a decorative furnishing at home; which you can use for storing toys without anyone knowing. 


If you have a small home or live in a small apartment, space is limited. Another way to organize your kids toys is placing them in an Ottoman storage bench. Ottoman storages are used as a decorative furnishing at home; which you can use for storing toys without anyone knowing. 


Jumbo Toy Hammock

Do you kids have a lot of stuffed animals? Toy Hammocks are the best way to store stuffed animals. They add some decor to your home while keeping your kids toys looking neat and organized. 



Hamper Basket

Who said hamper baskets can only be used for laundry? Hamper basket are a great way in storing large toys. Instead of building all toys on top of another, just add them inside a hamper basket and put it on the side of the room.



Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage is a useful way to utilize and store your kids toys. If you have bed that comes with rolling drawers or even if you want to install some underneath the beds is a good idea. You can also place storage bins underneath beds to free up space in your home. You can place crafting, painting, school supplies underneath beds. 



Over Door Organizer

Keep your kids favorite small toys in the over door shoe storage. This not only helps with organizing it also keeps toys out of sight. No need to worry about guests coming over and finding small pieces of toys on the floor, get an over door shoe storage to keep things clean. Your kids will love this idea because they get to choose which of their favorite toys they can keep on display. 


This post is all about tips on how to organize your kids toys

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