best face moisturizer

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The most important part of your body is your face. Keeping our face healthy is  the key to a perfect beauty. The face has to be treated like a baby when they first get out of a shower. You apply body lotion to moisturize your babies body to keep their body hydrated.

Our face has to be treated in the same manner we treat a baby. It is super important we always keep our face clean and hydrated. If you have suffered from your face peeling and becoming to dry then you must definitely try Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base and Vitamin Enriched Eye Base. These two products helps with keeping the face moisturized. It gives our face the vitamins it needs to sustain the beauty.

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For months I had suffered from my face being too dry. I could not even smile without my face hurting, that is how bad the dryness of my face was. After using this Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched products for a week I started to see a difference in how my face felt and looked.

When you first try the product it is best to use it twice a day, daily. In the morning time and before bedtime. After you see a difference in your skin, you can start to use it once a day, daily.

This post is all about the best face moisturizer.