7 survival strategies to stay sane as a mom

The 7 Survival Strategies to Stay Sane as a Mom is a must learn. Being a Mom is a full time job! No need for training, everyday you learn something new.

It is not easy taking care of young ones, cleaning, cooking, and running errands. Then there are those sweet tantrums your kids throw, those are always fun right? Try to find ways to compromise with your child. As Mothers we have to do things around the house. Here are some tips on how to manage time and take care of your kids without driving yourself crazy. These 7 Survival Strategies to Stay Sane as a Mom will help you throughout your day.

7 Survival Strategies to Stay Sane as a Mom

Take A Breather

Find the time to take 10-15 minutes for yourself to mediate or just pray. Something that will usually calm you down. 

Meal Plan

It is always best to prepare what you want to cook for the next day. Do not stress yourself on what to cook everyday, instead make a weekly meal plan. I do not plan breakfast and snacks, but I do like to prepare a weekly lunch schedule. 


This is one of the chores I hate doing around the house, I use to wait 2-3 days to do laundry and I would have big loads to wash. The best way to do laundry is just do a load every day, it will save you lots of energy and time of folding and putting the clothes away. I always tell my Husband “I would pay someone to do our laundry, that is how much I hate doing it”. HaHa

Cleaning & Organizing

Instead of cleaning the whole house once or twice a week, do one part of the house everyday. Get ride of all the big house chores Bathrooms, Vacuuming, Dusting, and organizing your closet or drawers. Clean as you go- if you make lunch and dinner clean the dishes right away, if your kids made a mess when eating clean it right after they are done. Do not wait until end of the day to do it, because we can both agree that once they go to bed you just want to sit and relax. 

Clean Up Time

It is best to clean with your kids, teach your kids how to clean up after themself. If they play with toys, show them how to put things away. If they are old enough to eat by themselves, allow them to take their plate in the kitchen when done eating.


It is always best if your kids have a set schedule for sleeping. Kids love to have a daily routine. The routine can be something fun you both enjoy doing together. Shower/Bubble Bath, praying, bed time stories, and then kissing them & tucking them in.

Play With Your Kids

It is very important to spend time and enjoy your little one. Suggest or offer to play a game, do something that they enjoy and will make them happy. It can be anything from singing ABC’S, 123’S OR building blocks. Playing with your kid allows them to give you space when you are in the kitchen cooking or doing other stuff around the house, it helps them overcome their clinginess. 

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Be Thankful & Positive

I left the best for the last! There is always something to be thankful for, the fact that you wake up healthy and seeing our kids healthy and safe is a blessing. Be positive even through the most toughest days, always remember that being a busy Mom is temporary and one day we will look back and miss our little ones. 

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